Ensuring your privacy is of paramount importance for the company “Reamare Investments Limited” (hereinafter “WEBIRING”). Therefore, we make every effort to protect the data on your privacy and maintaining the strict confidentiality of your personal information, traffic data and content of conversations.

This Privacy Statement is intended to explain to you how WEBIRING uses and protects the information you provide in order WEBIRING when using the Web conference WEBIRING, Web sites and / or product WEBIRING.

1. WEBIRING and products offered by WEBIRING

WEBIRING offers software and products purchased through the website customers.


WEBIRING may collect and use information about you, which, among other things, the data may include the following categories:

(A) identification information (name, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, etc.);

(B) data file (age, gender, country of residence and other information that you specify on your own, in his dossier WEBIRING);

(C) identifying information on your computer (IP-address, cookies, etc.);

(D) banking and financial information (credit card numbers, account numbers, etc.);

(E) the results of surveys;

(F) information about your use of software products and Web sites WEBIRING, including information about the used computer and internet connection, the technical capabilities of your equipment, the communication channel, statistics on page views and incoming and outgoing traffic on our Web sites;

(G) data on orders and the products and services;

(H) URL-links to videos uploaded to the light mood;

(J) a list of your contacts;

(K) record your user;

(L) user name and password to access e-mail if you submit a request to search his friends in WEBIRING (these data are not stored WEBIRING and are not used with any other purpose);

(M) the correspondence between you and WEBIRING;

(N) data of Internet traffic (all data processed for the purpose of communication or the billing for payment of services, including, without limitation, information about the duration of the call and the calling and called parties);

(O) the content of chat messages (see Section 13).


The main purpose of collecting information is to provide a safe, secure, efficient and meets your needs servicing. WEBIRING, acting independently or using the services of third parties acting on behalf of WEBIRING, collects and uses your personal information in an acceptable amount necessary to ensure that:

• to provide products that are designed for communication, in particular for the transfer of your data using the software WEBIRING and / or product WEBIRING;

• receive, process and fulfill orders received via our websites, invoice and notify you of the status of your order;

• provide you with other services (in accordance with the description provided at the time of collection);

• provide you with technical support and troubleshooting;

• compare data in order to ensure their accuracy;

• keep you informed about updates and faults;

• send you a request to participate in online surveys and ask you to express your opinion about our products and services;

• resolve disputes;

• to identify you as a user;

• adapt, evaluate and improve the software WEBIRING, our products and websites;

• improve the performance of our search engine to allow you to find contacts more quickly;

• Organize and implement marketing and promotions / offers, contests, games and other such activities carried out WEBIRING;

• Protect your interests and WEBIRING, in particular, to ensure monitoring of compliance with our Terms of Service and fight against fraud (collectively referred to as “Objectives”).


Except as described below, WEBIRING shall, without your explicit consent does not sell, offer for use, and no exchange or otherwise transfer to third parties your personal information and / or traffic data or the content of conversations, if only it is not required to do so legislation or the disposal of the competent authorities.

WEBIRING reserves the right to disclose personal information on legitimate request of authorized bodies, to protect the interests WEBIRING, to comply with our guidelines and to protect the rights, property or safety of others.

In order to provide the product you are WEBIRING can sometimes, if necessary, transfer your personal data and traffic data to companies within the group WEBIRING, organizations, links, partners, service providers and / or agents of such organizations providing gateway between OCTS and means of Internet telephony, WiFi-zones operators, distributors of software WEBIRING and / or product WEBIRING and / or its third party banking institutions or other organizations providing services for payment processing, delivery of electronic communications service and support customers, as well as analytical services, and hosting. WEBIRING shall always require such third parties to take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect your personal information and data about Internet traffic, and compliance with relevant laws.

Some products are offered in a package WEBIRING with goods or services of other companies, both jointly and directly to the partner companies. Registration for the use or the fact that the use of these products signifies your agreement to the use of your personal data in connection with the use of this product, not only WEBIRING, but also a partner company. WEBIRING can offer their products in connection with other web sites or services, and distribute them in conjunction with other Web services to create a combined product or services or to provide additional services or features. To determine whether such a combined offer useful to you, if you agree WEBIRING can compare your e-mail and addresses of your contacts with the addresses provided by you to third party websites or third party service providers.

If you leave a voice message for the subscriber WEBIRING, which is subscribed to the service, which allows to receive voice messages as SMS, your message can be transmitted to third parties that provide this service to convert it into a text message. In exceptional cases, the procedure may require conversion of the participation of analysts. Using voice mail, you consent to the processing of your voice message service WEBIRING and the service provider.

Company WEBIRING, its local partner, the operator or another company that provides communications may provide your personal data, traffic data and / or information about the content of your conversations authorized judicial, law enforcement or governmental authorities in case of obtaining them legally valid request. If you receive such a request, the company will be obliged to take “Reamare Investments Limited” appropriate measures to promote and provide all requested information, and you hereby consent to the provision of required information.

Your data can be stored and processed in any country where there are offices WEBIRING or companies within the group WEBIRING, including countries outside of the country. In this regard, or to exchange information or data in accordance with this Article 4 of this document WEBIRING reserves the right to transfer information outside of your country. The fact that the use of the software you WEBIRING, websites or products WEBIRING WEBIRING you consent to any transfer of information outside of your country. With the expansion of its activities WEBIRING can sell or buy subsidiaries or business units. In the case of such operations, as well as in the case of acquisition of the company WEBIRING or most of its assets by third parties personal data will be WEBIRING one of the assets they purchase. We reserve the right to include your personal data as an asset in any such transaction with third parties.


Cookie-files (“cookies”) are informative markers that program WEBIRING or your web browser can write to your hard drive. Using a cookie-files, WEBIRING, WEBIRING partners for the dissemination of advertising and third parties that distribute advertising, are the following: identify you or your preferences to receive information on the use of company-owned Web sites, as well as improve our products and websites. Thus obtained information can be transmitted for analysis to third parties.

In the “Help” button on the toolbar of most browsers contains information on how to prevent your browser to accept the new cookie-files, how to enable the browser to be notified when new cookie-files, as well as how to completely block the entry of these files. To disable cookie-files on the client browser WEBIRING, click on “Tools”> “Options” program WEBIRING, select the “Security” and remove the checkmark in the box “Enable Cookies in your browser WEBIRING”.

It should be borne in mind that blocking cookie-files can take away your ability to use certain personalized functions WEBIRING.

Invisible GIF-files

Web pages can be used WEBIRING invisible GIF-files. Invisible GIF-files (also known as “web beacons” (web-beacons)) are tiny images with unique identification codes that are used to measure the number of visits to certain pages that do not collect with no identifying information. WEBIRING also uses invisible GIF-files in email messages sent in the format of HTML, – this allows us to determine whether the recipient read the message and respond whether to it. With this technology we can monitor the effectiveness of certain mailings and marketing campaigns.

Advertising Business

Advertising WEBIRING on websites of third parties and third party advertising in the software WEBIRING and on websites of third parties delivered to you with our partners in the dissemination of advertisements (the “Partners for the dissemination of advertising”) who have been thoroughly tested. WEBIRING and our partners for the dissemination of advertising can be used do not contain personal information, preference data, demonstrated during a visit to your website WEBIRING, in order to send you those ads WEBIRING, which may be of most interest to you, as well as to evaluate effectiveness of promotional activities WEBIRING and improve their effectiveness. As a rule, to collect such information WEBIRING and our partners in the dissemination of advertising uses cookies and “web beacons”.

Advertising of third parties

If you want to prevent the use of WEBIRING general information does not contain data to identify you as their owner (such information is used to determine which ads will be of most interest to you), it can be done in the “Security” settings, the program- Customer WEBIRING.

Advertising WEBIRING

If you disagree with your data for advertising purposes, you’ll still see ads WEBIRING and third parties, but the information about the preferences manifested by you while visiting Web sites or use WEBIRING software WEBIRING, will not be used in such purposes.


You have the right to review and, if necessary, change their personal data. Some personal data, you can view and edit the website, logging into your account. We commit ourselves to consider and respond to requests for access, amendment, addition or deletion of personal data, within a reasonable time after the confirmation of identity. All your questions, please send our customer service department.

The company undertakes to make WEBIRING all reasonable efforts to comply with requests to remove personal data, except when storage of such data must be prescribed by law or for legitimate business purposes. However, please note that due to the technical features of peer to peer network, the process is complete removal of your login WEBIRING of a network can take up to two weeks. During this period, your login can be displayed in lists of search results.


WEBIRING will store your data as long as is necessary: ​​(1) for the aims and objectives of the company (in accordance with Article 3 of this Privacy Statement) or (2) to comply with relevant legislation, perform queries and the relevant regulatory authorities orders of courts of competent jurisdiction.

Storing messages in the chat

The contents of your chat (IM sessions) can be written WEBIRING to (a) the delivery and synchronization messages, and (b) providing access to your chat history, in cases where this is available. Messages in chat history is stored no longer than 30 days. WEBIRING undertakes to take all necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard your information. Using this product you agree to the above terms and conditions for recording and storing your message chats.